Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Working Two Jobs

I'm at the awkward stage where I have a lot to do at the day job, and I want to do it well, but the groundwork I've laid for my departure in eleven weeks is paying off. The first weekend in March I'll be in Princeton, doing work related to the day job, and the next two weekends I'll be traveling to do book promotion and school visits. In April, I have so many things lined up that I don't even want to count them (but you can see my web site if you're curious). May is left free for commencement (mine and my son's) and a quick vacation, and now June is filling up too, with one tentative and two confirmed engagements.

All these visits require a lot of preparation, as do the Skype visits, TV interview, etc. that I can do from home.

Plus my recent epiphanies have left me itching to spend some serious time on my WIP (work in progress, for my non-writer friends). And my position at SCBWI takes up an unpredictable amount of time, sometimes very little, sometimes a surprising amount.

Not complaining, just getting weary of balancing it all. If there were any one aspect that I felt I could let slide, I would, but there aren't.

Thank goodness for an understanding husband, especially since he has recently discovered that he likes to cook!

Oh, but he has the flu. Cereal for dinner tonight!

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  1. LOL, very true, Tracy. They say a woman's work is never done...