Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Stripping the Office

Every day since the beginning of the semester I've stuffed my backpack with as much as I could carry and schlepped it home. It's done wonders for my back and my legs! Today, with ten class-days left—I teach three days a week—I think I'm on my last haul:

I also filled recycling bins with old files and other paperwork, given away or sold books, returned supplies to the main office, thrown out innumerable mysterious objects, etc. Now it's done. Everything that's left either stays or is too big to carry.

My office is stripped, and I kind of like the Spartan atmosphere. But the biggest benefit is that it no longer feels like my space, which will (I hope) make it easier to turn in the key in forty-four days.


  1. Gulp! It's starting to feel real, I'll bet!

  2. It's done? Wow. You are so on top of it. Should make the transition easier...I hope!

  3. I hope so too! I had a dread of being faced with a full office and a bunch of boxes, and being forced to decide quickly about what to do with various things. This way has been much easier, plus I got to give things to people who will be away for the summer when I'm doing the final emptying.