Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Last Day!

Wednesday was my twenty-eighth last day of the "year," and fifty-sixth last day of the semester. Actually, it's more than that if you count my time as a T.A., but fifty-six is already a mind-boggling number, so I don't want to count those grad-school semesters.

I had only two students in my Italian Civilization class this spring (normally, it's offered once every two years; this was an experiment in offering it in two consecutive years. A failed experiment, obviously). When the dean saw how small the class was, she could have cancelled it, but luckily she's one of the good deans, and she said, "So whatit's her last semester. Let her keep the class." I was even luckier that the two students were wonderful.
Photo courtesy Lori Catanzaro, hostess of my amazing retirement party
You can see how beautiful these two ladies are. You can also see how much we dress up for class at Vandy. What you can't see is how hardworking and intelligent and fun they are! I'm so happy that they made up my last class.

No, that's not champagne, although if it were, what would they dofire me? Sparkling cider.


  1. It's really happening! OMG! You must be so thrilled...

  2. Well Tracy, I didn't realize you were leaving teaching, but congratulations on your transition to devoting your time exclusively to writing. Not sure how you managed both before, but this is well deserved! -- Barbara (from Laura's book group)

  3. Tracy,

    Congratulations on making to this particular ending. And contrats, too, for stepping out on a high note, with a good class. You may not have exactly controlled that, but it takes a good teacher, too.


  4. Wow, just reread my comment. I think, maybe, I was having a bad spelling day. Or week. Anyway, congrats.

  5. Thank you, Kurt! And I'll take congrats, contrats, contracts, rugrats, whatever is offered! OK, maybe not rugrats.