Friday, May 11, 2012

Goodbye, day job!

The countdown clock at the top of this blog says "0." But this is an arbitrary number. Back when I decided to chronicle my last year at a day job, I had to decide on a final day, but what was that final day?

The last day of class? No, there would still be work to do after that: the grading of papers, the assigning of grades, the dealing with students (only one this semester, thank goodness!) who would contest said grades (I won).

The day grades had to be turned in? I didn't yet know what that date would be.

The day of my last paycheck? No, because by then I would have been exploring day-job freeness for a few months.

So I decided on Commencement day. The seniors and I are ending one stage and entering another on the same day.

And it's beautiful outside, such as rarely happens on Commencement Day in Middle Tennessee. It's currently 49 degrees, supposed to reach a high of 79, a light breeze, and clear. A perfect day for new beginnings.

Congratulations, class of 2012! I hope you're looking forward to what's next as eagerly as I am!


  1. A perfect day for new beginnings... I love it! :)

  2. Best of luck, Tracy. Send postcards from the future.

    1. Thank you, Kurt! I'll keep posting here as long as I find something useful to say.